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Daniel Joseph aka Sugarlips


“Groundbreaking CD puts harmonica in the spotlight”

- EMC News

 …“I play the music, not the instrument,” says Joseph, who had the nerve to offer up harp covers of Scott Joplin and Eminem on the same disc. Not to mention Henri Mancini, The Foo Fighters, … And to hear him play live, you’re left wondering where all those sounds came from and exactly what kind of music that was. Each at the same time both obvious and mysterious.

- Richard Turtle EMC News


• Played with “Jughead”. Famous for the “Hockey Song”.

• Made the cut for “Canada’s Got Talent” (over 10,000 auditioned).

• Over half million views on Youtube.

• Picked for Favorite Cover Songs 2010 - by “With a little help from our friends” USA


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