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Harmonica driven Rock, Metal,

Hip Hop, Dance and Classics

Daniel Joseph aka Sugarlips

WTF! Who knew a Harp could shake dance clubs, rock arenas and deafen metalheads.


Daniel Joseph - AKA Sugarlips takes a post-modern attack on hits and delivers them soaked with Harmonica as though he's fulfilling a contract with the devil!  The last CD "WTF" featured harmonica driven heavy metal and hip hop!


The latest project is a tribute to the classic 60's great instrumentalist bands Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and The Ventures.


The single "Walk" is from "A Foo Fiver" a collection of harmonica driven new and classic Foo Fighter tunes.


A rockin harp interpretation of Lady Gaga's Poker Face received some Top 40 airplay in the U.S.


From Metallica to The Foo Fighters to Henri Mancini. A never been heard before sound. 

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